SlydiniTony Slydini, born Quintino Marucci, was an Italian sleight of hand magician.

He is credited with being the first exclusive close-up magician.

His father was an amateur magician and encouraged his son to focus on sleight of hand.

Moving from Italy, Slydini traveled about until ultimately landing in Boston where he would land  a three show a day gig performing for $5 a show.

His style of close-up magic was so unique and revolutionary that spectators and magicians alike were amazed.

His whole show was impromptu, feeding off the audience to determine which tricks he performed.

He was so good in fact, that he apparently was the only magician that could fool Dai Vernon.

Slydini went into death in 1991, but left a legacy as one of the greatest sleight of hand magicians the world has ever seen.

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