The Royal Road to Card Magic

Royal Road To Card Magic Book CoverTouted as the go-to magic book for beginner magicians, the Royal Road to Card Magic is a must read.

It is on virtually every serious magicians bookshelf for a good reason.

The authors Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue are both notable and well respected magicians in the field of card magic.

They present a clear and easy way to learn each trick, sleight, and move.

With over 100 tricks and 121 illustrations, this book makes the novice more adept in the arena of performing card tricks.

The reader will learn the overhand shuffle, riffle shuffle, flourishes, the glide, and many more, including the classic force.

Many magicians started their careers with this book and cannot give less than the highest praise.

If you are serious about learning to perform card magic, this book is the place to start.

It is available in hard cover, paperback, and even kindle.

Start your royal journey down the road to card magic today.

Click Here to purchase the book.

Or, Click Here, to purchase a video course based on the book.


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