John Kennedy Magic

I was first introduced to their site by a corporate magician friend, and I have nothing but high regards for their products. The tricks are professional quality and have superior results on spectators. A few I recommend are:

Impossible Matrix(Click Image)Impossible MatrixOur Price:$14.95

Mind Power Deck(Click Image)Mind Power DeckOur Price:$39.95

Mojoe(Click Image)MojoeOur Price:$59.95

Mystery Box(Click Image)Mystery BoxOur Price:$69.50

Hummingbird Reel(Click Image)Hummingbird ReelOur Price:$69.95


My go to online magic shop for any supplies or tricks. Their customer service is top notch and their selection is unsurpassed. Click Here

Malloy Modern Magic

Awesome selection of quality and unique tricks and effects. Click Here

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