Magic Clubs

Magic HatIf you are getting serious about magic, meeting like-minded people is the next step in your journey. There are clubs you can join all over the world where you can get together with other magicians.

At these meet-ups you can talk shop and perform for others. Performing for other magicians who can give you constructive criticism is worth the membership in itself. You will also learn new techniques and tricks, and meet friends that are some of the most interesting characters in the world.

Society of American Magicians

Also known as S.A.M., it is the oldest and most prestigious magic club in the world. Some of histories most important magicians were members such as Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone, and David Copperfield. With more than 47,000 other magicians worldwide the societies goal is to preserve, elevate, and advance the art of magic.

Local chapters hold meetings in most major metropolitan areas. They also have a youth club for junior magicians.

International Brotherhood of Magicians

The I.B.M. is the largest club for magicians in the world with members in 88 countries. The club has top professionals as well as thousands of hobbyists as part of the brotherhood.

The brotherhood hosts an annual convention where top performers come to show their chops.

The membership includes a monthly magazine packed with news, reviews and other great information.

The Academy of Magical Arts

The Academy of Magical Arts is for the very serious magician. You must perform before a panel before they choose to vote you in.

Their claim to fame is the Academy’s clubhouse. The Magic Castle located in Hollywood, CA is a nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts.

If you are serious about the art, this is the crème de la crème of magic clubs.


If you want to advance to the next level in the art of magic, joining a club is by far the best way. You will meet new and exciting people interested in the same things as you, get feed back from fellow magicians, and just have a good time with the likes of some very interesting people.

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