Jean Eugene Robert Houdin

robert-houdinJean Eugene Robert Houdin was a French magician commonly known as The Father of Modern Conjuring.

As a teen and young adult, he learned the craft of watch making under the guidance of his father.

While in his twenties, he studied a two-volume set of magic books called Scientific Amusements.

He later sought guidance from a local ametuer magician named Maous in his home town of Blois. Maous taught Robert-Houdin to juggle and perform the classic cups and balls.

Once he built up the confidence, he began performing at social parties. At one of these parties he met Josephe Cecile Houdin. They fell in love and got married on July 8, 1830.

The two soon moved to Paris where Robert-Houdin began building and tinkering with mechanical toys and automatons.

On July 3, 1845, Robert-Houdin began his stage career with a show titled “Soirees Fantiques.”

A trick titled Second Sight, in which his son, while blindfolded, identified objects held up by his father in the audience. This would bring much success to his stage show.

Robert-Houdin wrote several books on the subject of magic, including his memoir “Confidence du’n Presdidigitateur.”

He died on June 13, 1871 of pneumonia. He was 65 years old.

His career as a performing magician only lasted eleven years, but he earned the title of The Father of Modern Conjuring.

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