Howard Thurston

thurston posterHoward Thurston was born in Columbus Ohio on July 20, 1869. His childhood was rather tough, so the young Thurston ran off and joined the circus.

This is where he would meet his future partner, Harry Keller.

Inspiration came after Thurston visited Alexander Herrman’s magic show and was determined to top it.

He would top it, indeed, and would later become the most famous magician of his time.

His stage show was the biggest of the era, so big in fact, it took eight train cars to transport.

Thurston became known for his sharp use of cards. He was so good in fact, he fooled Alexander Herrman and billed himself as “The Man Who Fooled Herrman.”

He used the publicity and became known as The King of Cards in vaudeville houses throughout Europe and the United States.

After his long time partner Keller retired, Thurston continued performing until 1936 when he suffered a stroke.

He lives on in legend as one of the greatest magicians to ever grace the stage.

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