Harry Blackstone

Harry BlackstoneBorn on September 27th, 1885, Harry Blackstone was a master magician of the 20th century.

Blackstone started his career in his teens and was very popular during World War II.

He was the last magician of the elegant style of conjuring that was popularized by Howard Thurston and Harry Keller.

He used large illusions for his massive stage productions and remained silent, while performing to an orchestra.

Many of his illusions are performed today by other magicians putting their own twist on the Harry’s tricks.

Blackstone performed classics like “The Floating Lady,” “Sawing a Women in Half,” and a sword basket effect, where instead of swords, he used lighted rods.

He also performed gentler tricks, such as “The Vanishing Bird Cage,” “The Garden of Flowers,” and the now legendary “Floating Lightbulb.”

Blackstone performed his last shows at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, California and died in 1965 at the age of 80.

His son Harry Blackstone Jr. was also an accomplished magician in his own right.

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