Dove Magic

White_doveDove Magic is one the most elegant forms of magic. The magicians that do it well, do it with class and grace.

Dove magic is not as common as the community makes it out to be. It is rather, a standout niche genre of the magical arts.

Although done with grace and elegance, dove magic takes years and years of practice, mostly with the same birds.

White homing pigeons, the birds used in the magical art, are chosen for some distinct reasons. They are very quite so loaded and hidden birds won’t reveal themselves. They are content in small quarters for easy concealment. They are easily trained. And lastly they are beautiful.

If you are interested in learning this standout niche of magic there are a few resources i can recommend:

Marian Chavez’s Encyclopedia of Dove Magic

Tony Clark’s Behind the Seams DVD

The Art of Dove Stealing by Victor and Diamond

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