David Blaine

David BlaineDavid Blaine revolutionized magic in 1997 with his magic special, Street Magic.

David’s goal was to bring magic back to the popularity it had once held 100 years prior.

He succeeded by introducing a new generation to the powerful art form.

As his career grew the world around him started to change.

The worldwide web was making its way into virtually every western civilization member’s home.

With this brought a new genre of magic and David’s street magic would catapult magic’s popularity through the use of digital media.

He since has broken records through his endurance feats and created some of the most important moments in magic the 21st century has seen yet.

David Blaine is still at the top of his game releasing new material, even going back to his roots of strictly magic with his latest program Real or Magic.

Expect more from him as his career and future are still mighty bright.

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