Dai Vernon – The Magician’s Magician

Dai VernonDai Vernon, known to many as The Professor, was one of the most skilled sleight of hand experts the world has ever seen. He once fooled Houdini so bad that for the rest of his career he touted himself as “The man who fooled Houdini.”

As a child he studied the now famous book, “Expert at the Card Table,” by S. W. Erdnase. By the time he was thirteen years of age he had memorized the book cover to cover.

Vernon, perhaps the most skilled sleight of hand artist, invented or improved upon many coin, card, and other close-up tricks and sleights.

His routines for the linking rings and the cups and balls are magic standards and are the most popular with many current magic acts.

The last thirty years of his life, he spent performing and teaching at The Magic Castle, in Los Angeles, California. There he mentored many magicians who have made a name for themselves, such as Ricky Jay, Doug Henning, Michael Ammar and many more.

Below is a clip of the magician’s magician performing his famous linking rings routine.

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