Choosing a Stage Name

The StageChoosing a magician name is a relatively large step in your magical pursuits. It solidifies your persona and stamps your ticket, saying “I Have Arrived!”

If you are trying to find a stage name that is suitable for yourself, read on.

A lot of magicians use their government names. If you have the name David Copperfield then the task of finding your stage name might be complete.

But if you are like most, you want something catchy.

Tips for finding the right stage name:

-Rhyming: Names like Stan the Magic Man or Chester the Jester are both catchy and memorable.

-Two Forenames: Take two forenames and combine them.
Example: Teddy Howard or John Patrick

-Enhancers: Use Great, Magnificent, etc. Magicians from the past used enhancers to their names. I find it a little dated, but it might work for you.
Example: The Amazing Kreskin

-Add Letters: Add letters to the end of a name.
Example: If your name is Dan you could call yourself Danini or Danoni

-The Magician: A simple name followed by “The Magician” is not unique, but establishes fact without question and can work wonders for promotion.
Example: Gary The Magician

No matter how you arrive at your stage name, one must admit its importance. If you plan to go professional, your stage name will be your business name, logo and trademark.

Choose wisely!

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