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The Invisible Deck… Why it is a must to learn!

Time and time again, when I’m speaking to magician friends… the topic of the invisible deck comes up. It is considered by most to be their go-to trick for almost any setting. Restaurant, strolling, street… If you are performing close-up

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Easy to Master Card Miracles

Michael Ammar’s classic, all-time best selling series for learning card magic is essential for any magician’s collection. With nine DVDs is the collection, it is packed chalk full of some of the best card tricks ever created. Each trick uses

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Choosing a Stage Name

Choosing a magician name is a relatively large step in your magical pursuits. It solidifies your persona and stamps your ticket, saying “I Have Arrived!” If you are trying to find a stage name that is suitable for yourself, read

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Magic Clubs

If you are getting serious about magic, meeting like-minded people is the next step in your journey. There are clubs you can join all over the world where you can get together with other magicians. At these meet-ups you can

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