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The Art of Card Manipulation

On the same subject as last week, Jeff McBride also has a series of videos. The Art of Card Manipulation is a three part series where McBride walks the student through many card sleights, manipulations and flourishes. It is a

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Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride is an American magician from Monticello, New York. He specializes in sleight of hand and the manipulation of small objects, such as cards and coins. His stage show has Japanese influence, and masks play a large part, as

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Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller have been performing together since the 1970s. They perform their own take on classic tricks putting a comedic twist along side them. The duo have made many television appearances and have had made many stage performances. They

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Dove Magic

Dove Magic is one the most elegant forms of magic. The magicians that do it well, do it with class and grace. Dove magic is not as common as the community makes it out to be. It is rather, a

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Cups and Balls

The cups and balls is one of the oldest tricks still in use today. Used by Roman conjurors as far back as 2000 years. There are some historians that claim the cups and balls date back to the Egyptians. This

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The Klutz Book of Magic

Now in its ninth printing, the Klutz Book of Magic has delighted children of all ages while learning to perform magic. It is a staple for any beginner as it is chalk full of professional tricks catered to the newbie.

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Easy to Master Card Miracles

Michael Ammar’s classic, all-time best selling series for learning card magic is essential for any magician’s collection. With nine DVDs is the collection, it is packed chalk full of some of the best card tricks ever created. Each trick uses

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Modern Magic by Professor Hoffmann

Modern Magic by Professor Hoffmann, First published in 1876, is regarded by many a fine magician, as the ultimate magic book. It details methods of the era in which it was written in, yet is still relevant today. Harry Houdini

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Lessons in Sleight of Hand

Is sleight of hand overwhelming you? Are you just starting out and feel engulfed in all the materials on the market? Start here… Now You See It, Now You Don’t by Bill Tarr is a classic. Many received their early

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The Double Lift

If you asked magicians what the most important card sleights to have in their arsenal are, the list would vary. But in all of these lists one that would never be left out. And that would be the double lift.

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