cardiniBorn Richard Valentine Pitchford in Britain on November 24th, 1895, Cardini would become one of the great innovators in magic history.

Cardini is credited with the birth of the type card handling techniques we perform today.

In his early years, he spent many hours practicing card manipulation in the trenches, working for the British Army during World War 1.

He became so good that he could even manipulate with gloves on. He would later be famous for it.

He traveled around a bit until landing in the States where he would create skits based on his manipulation and sleights.

He was a huge hit as audiences and magicians had never seen anything like it.

His awards and acclamations include:

  • New England Magic Society’s proclamation of Cardini as the “greatest exponent of pure sleight of hand the world has ever known”
  • He was honored in 1970 with the title “Master Magician”, which was awarded at the Magic Castle, LA, and presented by Tony Curtis.
  • In 1999 he was named one of Magic Magazine’s Top Magicians of the 20th Century.
  • He was a three time President of the Society of American Magicians.
  • In 1960 The Magic Circle in London honored him with the Silver Wand Award.
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