Balloon Twisting For Magicians – Add Balloons to Your Repertoire

Balloon Animals For MagiciansDo you do children’s parties?

Want to get more gigs?

Have you considered Balloon Sculpture?

Learning to tie balloon animals can really land you more gigs.

And guess what?

Balloon twisting is easy to learn and pays really well.

After my kid shows, I tie balloons for the kids.

In no way am I a master at the art form.

I simply have 12 balloons I tie, then post a menu of sorts that the children can choose from…

So all you need to learn is about a dozen animals and you have a new money making skill to put into your act.

Simple one balloon sculptures are easy to learn and although you won’t earn any awards, you will pocket more cash and can increase you booking prices.

I suggest purchasing a course or simply watching youtube videos, and in as short as a week, you will have a new skill.


Beyond belief…

I often set up at local markets and fairs and tie balloons. It is a great way to pocket some tip money, but what’s even better is I get to pass out my business cards and get more bookings from parents who loved that I tied a balloon for their kid.

I have even been booked to do strictly balloon twisting events where I tied ballloon scultures exclusivly.

Give it a try. It adds to your skillset and like I said, it is by no means hard to learn…

Happy Twisting!


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