Balloon Twisting For Magicians – Add Balloons to Your Repertoire

Balloon Animals For MagiciansDo you do children’s parties?

Want to get more gigs?

Have you considered Balloon Sculpture?

Learning to tie balloon animals can really land you more gigs.

And guess what?

Balloon twisting is easy to learn and pays really well.

After my kid shows, I tie balloons for the kids.

In no way am I a master at the art form.

I simply have 12 balloons I tie, then post a menu of sorts that the children can choose from…

So all you need to learn is about a dozen animals and you have a new money making skill to put into your act.

Simple one balloon sculptures are easy to learn and although you won’t earn any awards, you will pocket more cash and can increase you booking prices.

I suggest purchasing a course or simply watching youtube videos, and in as short as a week, you will have a new skill.


Beyond belief…

I often set up at local markets and fairs and tie balloons. It is a great way to pocket some tip money, but what’s even better is I get to pass out my business cards and get more bookings from parents who loved that I tied a balloon for their kid.

I have even been booked to do strictly balloon twisting events where I tied ballloon scultures exclusivly.

Give it a try. It adds to your skillset and like I said, it is by no means hard to learn…

Happy Twisting!


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The Invisible Deck… Why it is a must to learn!

Invisible DeckTime and time again, when I’m speaking to magician friends… the topic of the invisible deck comes up.

It is considered by most to be their go-to trick for almost any setting.

Restaurant, strolling, street…

If you are performing close-up magic, it is considered to be one of the most chosen tricks in most magician’s repertoire.

It takes very little practice and requires absolutely no sleight-of-hand.

Trust me…

If you want to make your audience to believe you are a real magician, take a little time to master its workings.

Again, I can’t stress this enough…

If you want heads to be scratched…

Minds to be blown…

And crowds to rave about you, then learn the invisible deck right now!


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The Art of Card Manipulation

Jeff McBride_2On the same subject as last week, Jeff McBride also has a series of videos.

The Art of Card Manipulation is a three part series where McBride walks the student through many card sleights, manipulations and flourishes.

It is a step-by-step guide to creating real magic at the fingertips.

If you are wanting to learn card manipulation, this is the go to course by one of the best card handlers of our time.

Some of the manipulations take more skill and much practice, so this is not recommended for beginners.

The advice and teachings McBride has on card manipulations makes this DVD series one of the most important training courses of modern magic.

Pick yours up here.

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Jeff McBride

Jeff McBrideJeff McBride is an American magician from Monticello, New York.

He specializes in sleight of hand and the manipulation of small objects, such as cards and coins.

His stage show has Japanese influence, and masks play a large part, as well as fire effects.

He started the “McBride’s Magic and Mystery School” to teach students the ins and outs of stage magic.

The school is world renowned and is the foremost authority on magic teaching as far as magician schools are concerned.

Magicians such as Eugene Burger, Teller, Lance Burton and Johnny Thompson all play a part in the institution allowing for some of the greatest teachings from some of the greatest minds in the magic community.

You can learn more about the McBride’s Magic and Mystery School at this link.

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Penn and Teller

penn and tellerPenn and Teller have been performing together since the 1970s.

They perform their own take on classic tricks putting a comedic twist along side them.

The duo have made many television appearances and have had made many stage performances.

They currently have a very popular show in Las Vegas at the Rio.

Penn is the orator and Teller rarely speaks performing mostly in mime.

Although they are partners, they credit their success and longevity as partners to the respect they have for each other. Sharing little in common, magic is the lifeblood that bonds them.

In recent years they have seen major success through guest appearances and television shows.

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Chinese Water Torture Cell

houdiniThe Chinese Water Torture Cell is a magic effect invented by Harry Houdini in 1911.

Houdini is first strapped in at the feet.

He is then hoisted upside down above the cell.

Full of water, Houdini is then lowered into the cell head first.

The tank is covered by a cloth so the audience cannot see.

Houdini then escapes after several minutes without oxygen.

One of Houdini’s most famous tricks, the Chinese Water Torture Cell has been performed or modified by some of the world’s top magicians.

A very dangerous effect the Chinese Water Torture Cell was the trick that killed Houdini in the Tony Curtis film. Although not true, it demonstrated how dangerous the trick really is.

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Dove Magic

White_doveDove Magic is one the most elegant forms of magic. The magicians that do it well, do it with class and grace.

Dove magic is not as common as the community makes it out to be. It is rather, a standout niche genre of the magical arts.

Although done with grace and elegance, dove magic takes years and years of practice, mostly with the same birds.

White homing pigeons, the birds used in the magical art, are chosen for some distinct reasons. They are very quite so loaded and hidden birds won’t reveal themselves. They are content in small quarters for easy concealment. They are easily trained. And lastly they are beautiful.

If you are interested in learning this standout niche of magic there are a few resources i can recommend:

Marian Chavez’s Encyclopedia of Dove Magic

Tony Clark’s Behind the Seams DVD

The Art of Dove Stealing by Victor and Diamond

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Cups and Balls

cups and ballsThe cups and balls is one of the oldest tricks still in use today.

Used by Roman conjurors as far back as 2000 years.

There are some historians that claim the cups and balls date back to the Egyptians. This is all a matter of speculation as there is only a small amount of evidence to this effect and we may never truly know the real origins of the cups and balls unless new evidence is discovered.

The cups and balls performed today consists of three balls and three cups. The magician, with some sleight of hand, makes the balls jump from cup to cup and penetrate them as well.

Over the years magicians have modified the classic cups and balls routine and replaced the cups with things such as bowls or hats.

The famous shell game used by con-artists is a variation of the cups and balls.

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David Blaine

David BlaineDavid Blaine revolutionized magic in 1997 with his magic special, Street Magic.

David’s goal was to bring magic back to the popularity it had once held 100 years prior.

He succeeded by introducing a new generation to the powerful art form.

As his career grew the world around him started to change.

The worldwide web was making its way into virtually every western civilization member’s home.

With this brought a new genre of magic and David’s street magic would catapult magic’s popularity through the use of digital media.

He since has broken records through his endurance feats and created some of the most important moments in magic the 21st century has seen yet.

David Blaine is still at the top of his game releasing new material, even going back to his roots of strictly magic with his latest program Real or Magic.

Expect more from him as his career and future are still mighty bright.

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The Klutz Book of Magic

Klutz Book of MagicNow in its ninth printing, the Klutz Book of Magic has delighted children of all ages while learning to perform magic.

It is a staple for any beginner as it is chalk full of professional tricks catered to the newbie.

I remember sifting through the 31 tricks and mastering them all.

If you or someone you know is just getting into magic, it can’t be recommended any higher.

There is also a video training course that used to be available, although my copy is VHS and I am not sure if they have it in modern formats.

Again any budding magician needs this in their collection.

The magicians who hand selected the tricks for this book were spot on.

I still use some of the tricks 25 years later.

Get your copy today!!!!!

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